Part II


Nancy Jane Gates was called to Hollywood for a screen test by the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and a contract with a six months' option during which time she would be groomed for pictures.

Ms. Gates and her mother were called to Dallas by E. B. Coleman, souther manager of M.-G.-M. Previously pictures of her and recordings of her voice had been sent to the studios.

Ms. Gates was 15 years old and a junior student in the Denton High School. In order to accept this assignment it was necessary fro the Denton girl to ask release from a contract to appear all summer on a bottling company's daily air program out of Dallas.

Paramount Studios of Hollywood also sent a talent scout to Denton to interview Miss Gates. He pronounced her outstanding in personality and attractiveness and took a large number of pictures and recording to Hollywood, and since had written of the studio's interest in her. RKO Studios also asked for screen tests of the Denton girl, but they decided to accept the M.-G.-M. offer.

In June, 1941, when their train arrived in Hollywood, they were met by publicity men and other executives of the big Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Then, they were taken to the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles where they stayed the first month while Nancy took up coaching for movie work which she received from M.-G.-M.

Nancy Gates signing with R. K. O.

But after a while, and tired of waiting for Metro heads to make up their minds, Miss Gates signed with R. K. O.

Nancy spent a few moments in Superior Judge Emmet Wilson's court and emerged with an approved contract for seven years of her services as an actress with RKO-Radio Studio. Court approval was necessary because she was a minor.

Ms. Gates, with a lot into her young life, started immediately on a role in an RKO musical picture.